A Hip to Gable loft conversion is a popular on semi-detached & detached properties with a hipped roofs, which is essentially a roof with a sloping side in addition to the slopes at the front and back. Rafter Loft Conversions can deliver a stunning Hip to Gable loft conversion for you in just a few weeks.
The work involved is essentially to extend the side roof area so that the hipped roof which formerly sloped inwards becomes a vertical wall (turning it into a gable roof), creating extra usable space inside the loft. Hip to gable loft conversions can also be combined with a rear dormer loft conversion for maximum space all round. (Wrap round)
It”s not usually necessary to get planning permission for a typical Hip to Gable loft conversion in Lancashire or Manchester as this falls under ‘permitted developments’ allowed by homeowners.

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Min height required for a Loft Conversion 
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